Azure Active Directory Integration

Azure Active Directory Integration

Windows Active Directory and Azure Active Directory are valuable tools for most enterprises. It allows administrators to track network objects, exercise access control, secure policies, manage software, change settings within Microsoft applications, comply with regulatory requirements plus control many aspects of a system running Windows whether a workstation or even a server.

Administrators of large corporations can work closely and seamlessly to avoid downtime, conflicts or misconfiguration.

If you’ve been looking at integrating AD into your organization or integrating Azure into your current AD, work with IT experts like the ones here at DEW IT to ensure you’re integrating the platform correctly and taking full advantage of what AD has to offer.

The benefits of working with DEW IT professionals to perform AD integration include:

  • Maximize your investment in Active Directory.
  • Leverage the best IT resources.
  • Centralize control over your entire IT environment.
  • Control access to remote and unbound Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple AD instances scattered throughout an organization.
  • Improve security by reducing identity silos and implementing MFA.
  • Extend an AD-based identity for a variety of needs.
  • Promote proactive password changes
  • Less support tickets with AD Sync.

DEW IT does cloud backup and business continuity so you can have more security in your business.

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