Enhanced IT Security Protection Packages

Enhanced IT Security Protection Packages

Living in a hybrid cloud world allows employees and clients to access the information they need quickly, making the ability to control who can access your data increasingly critical.

From the servers at global headquarters to your local HR department’s software, DEW IT builds security into every level of a company and its IT infrastructure. Security of your sensitive data should expand beyond the current platform in which you are working, whether devices are in use or at rest.

Stay highly connected while reducing digital environment risks by taking advantage of Enhanced IT Security Protection Packages which include these solutions:


Equipment destruction and recycling


Contingency plan


High degree of accessibility

Data and email encryption

Through first-line shields and proactive strategies, DEW IT defends businesses throughout the Okanagan with customized packages to fit your needs. We are dedicated IT providers who take pride in educating our clients on all the latest security risks in addition to much needed preventative measures.

We won't ever sell you a service that you don't need. Only the best security protection options relevant to your network.

DEW IT safeguards your business assets so that you can do more with real peace-of-mind.

Monthly Security Packages Available!

DEW IT packages start at $16.99. For the best deals and latest offers in your area, speak with a DEW IT specialist.

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