Dew IT experts in Kelowna, Vernon and throughout the Okanagan bring years of valuable experience and proven industry-leading techniques to build a custom cloud migration that works for your business. Our quality cloud migration, cloud backup and business continuity, integrations, licensing and other services optimize performance, agility and security.

With an extensive list of services, DEW IT consultants provide solutions and guidance when it comes to the cloud and your migration needs.

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Around a decade ago, IT was gifted with the cloud and as an industry we have made leaps and bounds with the technology – making it more beneficial for businesses to join the cloud than ever.

Integration Platform as a Service, or IPaaS, helps organizations standardize how various systems merge within a company’s IT architecture, making it easier to automate business processes and share data across various applications.

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Are you paying staff to sit on support calls? Researching, purchasing, renewing, cancelling, and support for licensing thetechnology use in your company can be time consuming, and time sensitive. If you miss a deadline for cancelling particular software, you could be stuck paying another entire year. Yikes! It’s difficult to stay on top of all of that.

We can help find the right licensing for your organization plus keep track of the terms of each license, whether you’re looking for a subscription, perpetual, or pay per use license.

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