Cloud Licensing

Cloud Licensing

Free software. Sure, it’s out there! But is it any good? Does it meet the needs of your business? Or provide the security your company requires?

DEW IT works with a variety of business in Kelowna, Vernon and across the Okanagan that have spent valuable resources researching, developing, and supporting high quality applications, and must recover that investment or hurt their bottom line. After a discussion about the famous “Cloud”, they now are taking advantage of this gift from the computer gods. Maybe it’s right for your organization too!

Some factors should be considered when licensing models are used in the cloud:

  • The number of users accessing the software.
  • The number of the processors on the device hosting the application.
  • Product use rights tied to virtualization or specific vendor rules for cloud computing environments.

DEW IT consultants are experienced in a variety of licences, both popular and the obscure, and will ensure you’re clear on the terms and use of each needed for your business needs.

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