Cloud Procurement

Cloud Procurement

DEW IT entered the Cloud Procurement market because we found that clients were running into complex problems, were wasting time and becoming frustrated jumping between various interfaces to manage processes.

Kelowna businesses and other companies throughout the Okanagan have realized depending on complex legacy systems that demand a long implementation cycle and large upfront investment are out! The power of the cloud technology is in.

By enlisting cloud procurement solutions, organizations can eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the procurement process end-to-end.

Here are a few advantages of moving your procurement software to the cloud:


Organizations avoid large upfront investments and hefty maintenance fees.

End-to-End Integration

Eliminate data redundancy and manual changes.

Easy Collaboration

Seamless and quick flow of information throughout the organization.


Meet evolving market demands rapidly without expensive upgrades; flexible and scalable.

Greater Visibility

Intuitive dashboards to track, organize and enhance company progress.

DEW IT Takes Control of Your Cloud Procurement so you can take back control of your business.

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