Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud technologies help business propel to another level by fully utilizing multiple IT scenarios, business systems and collaboration tools. When a company decides to perform a migration of workloads or switches to a different cloud service provider, DEW IT handles planning, strategizing and uncovering any infrastructure requirements and insufficiencies.

DEW IT’s process unveils opportunities for business growth with guidance in maneuvering current technologies available for increased performance, consumption and workloads.

DEW IT’s Steps of Cloud Migration

Roadmapping Cloud Migration

Our IT experts asses your current situation and carefully ask what your day to day business requires in regards to solutions for your unique workload, staff, processes and goals. A solid plan always leads to a better execution.

Migration execution

DEW IT has access to robust migration methodologies. With a variety of experience and deep understanding of cloud migrations, we provide a migration process that avoids disruptions,securely and cost-efficiently.


Test, test and retest security and performance post cloud migration process to ensure that they are functional and optimized.

Post-migration support

Your first day doing business in the cloud is exciting and maybe a little overwhelming. DEW IT’s support is here to walk you through your new systems, providing assistance with both on-site and online support.
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