Security Assessments

Security Assessments

A security risk is the likelihood of reputational or financial loss and can be measured from zero, low, medium, to high. Risk implies uncertainty. And we all have enough of that in our lives.

By providing a security assessment, DEW IT helps inform companies of any vulnerabilities and supports proper defense measures and responses.

As the team at DEW IT begins their security assessment, we ask the following:

What are your organization's most important information technology assets?

What data breach from malware, cyber attack, or human error would significantly impact your business?

What are the internal and external vulnerabilities and their impact if exploited?

What cyber attacks, cyber threats, or security incidents could affect your business' ability to function?

What is the level of risk your organization is comfortable taking?

DEW IT believes security assessments provide an extensive list of benefits such as:

  • Reducing financial and/or reputation damages
  • Creating a template for future assessments
  • Better organizational knowledge
  • Avoiding data breaches, theft, and loss
  • Complying with regulatory issues
  • Preventing application downtime

Organizations rely on DEW IT security professionals because of our unsurpassed level of experience in initial security assessments plus follow-up services such as security software, monitoring cybersecurity, education, breach prevention, and third-party risk reduction.

DEW IT does security assessments so you can rest assured your business is protected.

Monthly Security Packages Available!

DEW IT packages start at $16.99. For the best deals and latest offers in your area, speak with a DEW IT specialist.

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