Managed Security

Managed Security

The business environment of today includes cybercriminals. Being able to secure your organization's data and infrastructure has never been more critical. Small, medium and large businesses are all vulnerable to malicious digital activities.

Partnering with an IT professional has become more popular to prevent cyber threats and attacks with managed security services.

Without a secure network, it's not IF your system will be attacked…it's WHEN.

A crucial component of being in business, we ensure the ability to maintain productivity and profitability by avoiding downtime caused by malicious activities. Furthermore, the speed with which you identify and remediate an unfortunate breach is essential in maintaining your network availability and your business' reputation.

DEW IT knows not all systems and businesses run the same. We use customized threat analytics like dark web monitoring, employee security risk analysis, network scans, next-generation firewalls, and many other cutting-edge solutions.

Avoid overwhelming network security and let our team of IT experts handle the cumbersome technical side with managed security, which includes but is not limited to, full-scale antivirus solutions, server protection and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities to transfer data safely from one office to another.

DEW IT does managed security so that your business runs efficiently and smoothly, with minimal threat of downtime.

Monthly Security Packages Available!

DEW IT packages start at $16.99. For the best deals and latest offers in your area, speak with a DEW IT specialist.

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